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Volunteering at The Willow Domestic Violence Center

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering or interning with The Willow Domestic Violence Center!  As a Volunteer Advocate at The Willow, you will provide vital services to survivors of physical, sexual, emotional, spiritual, and financial violence. 

Our volunteer opportunities require varying levels of training.  Non-direct service work, which includes Administrative Office Assistance, Community Education, Marketing and Publicity, and Special Events and Projects, requires approximately 6 hours of volunteer training.   

Direct service work includes Shelter Advocacy, Court Advocacy, Community-Based Advocacy, and Child Care Assistance, and it requires 40 hours of volunteer training.  Once training ends, we ask for a one-year flexible commitment of volunteering approximately 4 hours per week.  We strive to place you in a position that you enjoy, whether it’s working with children, educating the community on domestic violence, answering our crisis hotline, or creating publication materials.

Why Volunteer at The Willow Domestic Violence Center?

Many of our Volunteer Advocates have had the opportunity to share their experiences at The Willow Domestic Violence Center:

As a child survivor of domestic violence, the fight to put an end to domestic violence has continued to be important to me. The Willow does great work, has dedicated staff, and offers services to any person that can use them.  Domestic violence is so often seen as a 'woman's problem,' but The Willow recognizes that this is not the case and has opened their doors to male survivors and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, and agender (LGBTQA) survivors of domestic violence. The Willow wants to become a more inclusive space, and it is my pleasure to volunteer my time to this agency.

I work at Willow because I am a survivor of domestic violence, and I want to be able to pay it forward for all of the kind people who helped me escape my nightmare.  The work I do at Willow is very rewarding, and the staff thanks me every day for my contribution.

I am a volunteer at The Willow for many reasons. I think it is crucial that we increase the visibility of men in the movement. The culture of violence that is endemic to U.S. culture must be fought against by women AND men - we all need to be involved in stopping domestic violence, and to redefine relations between couples, to redefine masculinity and femininity in the interest of creating safer spaces for all of us. Everyone needs to care about domestic violence and any type of interpersonal violence - it affects us all.

Internship Opportunities at
The Willow Domestic Violence Center

The Willow Domestic Violence Center offers a number of internship opportunities throughout the year:

Direct Service Shelter Intern - provide direct service to survivors in the emergency shelter home.

Administrative Intern for the Director of Volunteer Services - assist with recruitment, recognition, and retention of volunteers.

Marketing and Communications Intern for the Director of Community Engagement - assist with social media, the agency newsletter, community calendars, press releases, and presentations.

Liaison for the University of Kansas - develop and continue relationships with KU through tabling events and presentations.

Liaison for Haskell Indian Nations University - develop and continue relationships with Haskell through tabling events and presentations.

For more information about volunteer or internship opportunities, please feel free to contact Becca Burns, Director of Volunteer Services, by telephone at 785.331.2034 x 104, or by e-mail at

The Willow Domestic Violence Center's Advocate Training Schedule

Volunteer training is held five times every year - one week in January, in the winter months, in the spring months, one week in August, and in the fall months. This is a thorough training consisting of domestic violence education, as well as providing fundamental preparation for the hands-on work done by The Willow Domestic Violence Center volunteer advocates.

As an advocate with The Willow Domestic Violence Center you will be able to provide a variety of services to survivors of domestic violence. You will be trained to answer the crisis line, provide peer counseling, facilitate support groups, do activities with kids, provide court advocacy, and many other free and confidential services.

If you have any questions about the Advocate Training, please contact our Director of Volunteer Services at 785.331.2034 x 104 or click here to email.