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Help available 24/7    1-800-770-3030    785-843-3333

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"I was living [at shelter]...and the help offered is exactly what I needed in more ways than one. Thanks."
- shelter resident

"I felt very safe here"
- shelter resident

What We Do

  • 24-Hour Crisis Hotline: Advocates respond to callers 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.  Callers may need urgent short-term emotional support over the phone or in-person.  This support includes aiding them with the development of a safety plan, the completion of a protection from abuse (PFA) or protection from stalking (PFS) order, and / or the opportunity to share their story in a safe and confidential manner.
  • Emergency Shelter: Advocates provide coverage in confidential residential shelter for any survivors that identify as women (including transwomen), and her children.  Food, toiletries, and other basic necessities are provided to them as part of their stay.
  • Peer Counseling: One-to-one peer counseling, support groups, and information support are made available to program participants.  All services are accessible to those participants in need of an interpreter or translator or physical accommodation.  The Willow Domestic Violence Center has several bilingual Advocates (i.e., Spanish, ASL).
  • Support Groups: Peer support groups are available for both children and anyone who identifies as a woman (including transwomen) who have survived domestic violence.  Support groups are offered to shelter residents and community members.
  • Children's Services: Advocates provide individual meetings, group activities, assistance with child development information for the parents, and information about domestic violence to children of service participants.  There is a Children's Program and an Art Program available to child residents at the emergency shelter home.
  • Advocacy: Advocates provide assistance to service participants by attending court proceedings and other important meetings with them.  The Willow Domestic Violence Center offers the following advocacy programs in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson Counties: Court Advocacy and Community-Based Advocacy.  There is a Health and Wellness Advocacy Program available to residents at the emergency shelter home.
  • Referrals: Advocates provide referrals to other community organizations and resources for services not provided by The Willow Domestic Violence Center.
  • Community Education and Prevention: Advocates provide education and prevention services to community organizations, social groups, clubs, businesses, schools, and faith communities.  In addition, The Willow Domestic Violence Center's S.A.F.E. Program offers educational presentations that focus on helping youth define unhealthy behaviors and relationships between dating partners, friends, classmates, while modeling and exploring what healthy and positive relationships look and feel like.
    To have someone from The Willow Domestic Violence Center present to your place of work, place of worship, organization, school, or other group, please feel free to contact our Director of Community Engagement at 785.331.2034 x 105

    Our philosophy recognizes that in addition to the ravages of the violence in abusive relationships, survivors are also experiencing the more subtle, yet equally devastating violence of racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, sexism, ageism, Anti-Arab oppression, Anti-Jewish oppression, fat oppression, ableism, and Euro-centrism, among others.  Our mission enjoins us to participate against these ISMs in our communities as well as violence in its more obvious forms of rape, battery, incest, medical abuse, sexual assault, sexual harassment, and child abuse.