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Claire's Community is a youth violence prevention and mentor training program. This collaboration between #BeMoreLikeClaire and The Willow Domestic Violence Center trains adults to recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship, listen, support, and educate those in an unhealthy relationship so they can navigate safely out of it. Claire's Community will make a difference, and the ripple effects will save and protect many more.

Are you interested in being part of Claire's Community of mentors? Apply to attend the Claire's Community training today!

Tue 8/9 8:00-4:30
Wed 9/14 8:00-4:30
Sat 9/24 8:00-4:30
Tues 10/11 8:00-4:30
Wed 11/16 8:00-4:30

Training Objectives:

Claire's Community Logo - 071420.png
  • Know the definition and statistics of teen dating violence

  • Recognize the signs that an individual is in a violent dating relationship

  • Identify ways individuals handle violent dating relationships and why they stay in these relationships

  • Learn to build skills with individuals about the importance of healthy relationships

  • Identify ways parents and adults can help teens involved in violent relationships

  • Learn the River of Cruelty model

  • Understand the concept of the Enlightened Witness

  • Learn motivational interviewing techniques

  • Develop a working knowledge of sexual respect

"I thought, if only I had the right words, I could have made such a difference. But I never learned to talk about these things."


Social Responsibility

Claire's Community strives to be a responsible mentorship program training adults for positive conversations about healthy relationships.


Strengthen Community

Through encouraging active dialogue, Claire's Community hopes to strengthen our community's knowledge and comfort.


Build Relationships

We strive to build relationships not just between people, but between organizations and partner agencies.


Continued Learning

Claire's Community strives to be continiously up to date on the latest thoughts, policies, and curriculum.




Through knowledge and training, Claire's Community seeks to empower mentors and youth alike, giving them the base they need to make positive choices.


Stewardship is the key to the continued development of trust in both the program and the community, and we value and maintain that trust.



Claire's Community believes in the value of integrity in both trainings and in building mentoring networks and relationships.

Our Values

The Team



Youth Prevention Coordinator,

Adrianne has been working in the domestic violence field since 2015 and joined The Willow as the Human Trafficking Program Coordinator in 2017, eventually moving to the HOPEworks program.  In her time at The Willow, she has worked directly with clients as well through leading support groups.  A townie and KU graduate, Adrianne loves spending time with her husband, daughter, and Salvadoran street dog on their homestead and out and around town



Executive Director, #BeMoreLikeClaire

Shannon brings a lifetime of experience in leadership and non-profit volunteering.  Throughout her life she has served as a trainer, facilitator, and educator while organizing leadership programs, planning events, and honing her skills in fundraising for good causes.  She loves her family and friends, music, big laughs, and finding the right person for the job. 



Content Consultants

The Family Peace Initiative is dedicated to ending family violence through compassion, integrity and expertise.  FPI is focused on treating every individual who walks through our doors with respect and dignity.  The process of changing behavior begins with a safe environment where self-exploration can occur. We are committed to creating this space for those we serve.

Megan Headshot.jpg


Executive Director,

 Megan has been Executive Director of The Willow since 2017, and with The Willow since 2015.  Megan enjoys being a mom to her two kids and participating in whatever her community has to offer. She's grateful to be a Lawrencian and a KU grad. 

For press inquiries, contact   |   (785)331-2034 ext. 105


Our Vision:

Our vision is to create a trauma-informed community to support prevention of teen dating violence and other forms of abuse experienced by youth and young adults.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to empower parents, community members, and professionals to support youth and encourage healthy relationships. Also, to understand the unique dynamics regarding teen dating violence, bullying, human trafficking and all other forms of interpersonal violence. We are dedicated to disseminating our curriculum with fidelity, respect, and integrity with an emphasis on encouraging adults to skillfully intervene when necessary.

About the Training:

The Willow Domestic Violence Center believes that a community and systems approach is the best practice for intervening skillfully with youth of all ages and young adults in regard to preventing bullying, dating violence, human trafficking, and all forms of interpersonal violence.


To that end, The Willow has partnered with the non-profit #BeMoreLikeClaire to create a curriculum and delivery model of prevention that will help create and sustain healthier relationships via support, training, vocabulary, and buy-in from all levels of a community. Because interpersonal violence is a community issue, the approach to solving these issues must be community based and pervasive. This training provides the participant opportunities to forge strong and self-affirming relationships with youth who are at risk for interpersonal relationship violence.


The Willow was the first domestic violence center in the state of Kansas, opening in 1976. Today, we answer 3,900 crisis and referral calls per year, house 300-450 adults and children annually, and serve over 3,500 of our neighbors and friends throughout Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson counties.

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