Holiday Giving


Support The Willow

Each year, thanks to your generosity, The Willow is able to continue to provide safe shelter, support, and services to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in our community. This year, even with the pandemic, we have provided safe shelter to over 200 survivors and their children and assisted many, many more with court services, advocacy, and hotline support.

2020 has been a year like no other, and we are working hard every day to keep our survivors and staff safe, to provide necessary transportation, shelter, food, and support systems in place, and to face the challenges which COVID-19 presents to survivors.

Being at home can be a very dangerous situation for someone in an abusive relationship, and stay at home orders and isolation, combined with a  reduction in safe public spaces, has meant demand for our services has increased drastically, at the same time our ability to provide shelter is challenged by our commitment to following safe public health policies in group housing.

The simple truth is, we need your help now more than ever. Please consider donating to The Willow this holiday season.


Perfect ideas for donation drives or public service events, these are the items we desperately need in our shelter today.  Items can be donated either to our main office, or to our partners at Cottin's Hardware.


Wish List

If you're looking for a larger group donation, or are big of heart and short of time, please feel free to order directly from Our Amazon Wish List. Items purchased from the wish list will be mailed to us directly, saving you the hassle of delivery!


Donate Larger Items

Urgent Needs

If you have larger items you wish to donate - furniture, kitchen items, bedroom furnishings, etc. please fill out the Large Item Donation Form.  Our advocates then use these forms to match items available for donation with items needed by survivors!