Human Trafficking

Definition of  Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking is the use of force, fraud, or coercion to control victims for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or labor services against their will.

Many people believe trafficking is something that only happens to foreign nationals and consists of people being brought into the country from abroad, however, the majority of trafficking happens inside the United States.


Myths Vs. Facts

Many people associate Human Trafficking with the idea of foregin nationals being abducted abroad and then forced into domestic service or trafficked sexually after being transported to the United States. While this does happen, far more often trafficking occurs nationally, among people who have some form of previous relationship with their trafficker. Survivors will often be groomed for an extended period of time y their traffickers before being seperated by any support network they may have and be forced into sexual acts through coercison, addiction, threats, or intimidation.

In 2020, THe Willow launched the We're Here campaign to combat myths surrounding human trafficking. Here are a few examples of the posts which were used in this campaign.

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The Willow has two staff dedicated to serving the unique needs of survivors of human trafficking, as well as offering community education and outreach. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus velit nunc, bibendum sit amet rhoncus id, pretium sed augue. In at nisl vitae dolor ultrices condimentum. Duis quis dui eget tortor efficitur viverra. Etiam arcu libero, convallis ac tincidunt sed, luctus sit amet diam. Etiam volutpat in urna vitae varius. Donec at dapibus ante.

Willow Services

The Willow officers advocacy, shelter, and support services to survivors of Human Trafficking through out Human Trafficking Progam.  In addition, The Willow offers education and prevention surrounding Human Trafficking by presenting to interested groups, parties, and organizations as well as providing professional trainings. All services are confidential and free of charge.

A survivor's story

Each month we will feature a survivor's story to shed light on the truth behind trafficking. This month's is from Rebecca Bender.
For our past stories, please check out our YouTube playlist.


Meet The Willow Human Trafficking Team

Anna Wiens

Anna joined The Willow in 2020 as a Rural Outreach advocate and moved over to the Human Trafficking program in the spring of 2021.

Felix Rodridguez

Felix Rodriguez has been with The Willow since 2016, and is currently the Director of Survivor Access.


National Resources

The Willow provides confidential advice, information, and advocacy for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence in Franklin, Douglas, and Jefferson counties in Kansas. We o


Statistics, Resources, Training, and a hotline that can be reached nationally.  Contact their 24-hour hotline at 888-373-7888 (Text 233733)

Founded in 2002, Polaris is named for the North Star, which people held in slavery in the United States used as a guide to navigate their way to freedom. Today we are filling in the roadmap for that journey and lighting the path ahead.

A listing of resources and informaiton available at a state level. DCF provides a number of service and resources for children, as well as information about Human Trafficking.