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Public Heatlh

A Public Health Crisis

Working with KU SELF, The Willow has completed a study on the costs of first response versus the costs of Willow shelter services. 

With over 270 survivors and their families using The Willow's shelter services last year, the cost was approximately $600,000.  The toal costs of domestic incidents in 2018/2019 (agency data varies) were $9,010,026.

This roughly works out to $1 prevention dollar saving up to $9 emergency dollars within our community.  These figures are gathered using available data from agencies, and this is not an exact figure, but it does give us a ballpark to start in.  Shifting the emphasis from crisis response to prevention, awareness, and easily accessible services for all survivors will ultimately save lives and save money.  For a more fully detailed analysis of where these figures came from, please see the corresponding data collection file.

Willow Infographic, Horizontal (1).png
Willow Infographic, Horizontal.png
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