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More Shelter, Longer Stays, More Help

Growing from a volunteer network of safe housing for women to two full-time dedicated shelters for survivors of all genders and gender identities, The Willow offers 48 beds when at total capacity. These safe spaces provide survivors of domestic violence an opportunity to begin lives free from abuse.

With two spaces, we can offer 90-day stays, with advocates on hand to help survivors plan goals, get assistance booking medical and court appointments, pursue education or career opportunities and provide material assistance in starting over.


Both shelters are located in confidential locations and open to anyone regardless of gender identity. We are proud to offer safe spaces for trans and non-binary survivors.

Need to Speak with a Trained Advocate?

Our crisis hotline is staffed 24/7 with trained advocates and volunteers to help you get information, support, and shelter. All calls are confidential. The quickest way to speak with someone is to call our hotline. If calling our hotline is not a safe option for you, you can send us a private, non-emergency message here. While we will try to respond as quickly as possible, please allow one business day to respond. If you are in danger and urgently need assistance, please call 911. 

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