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Following our Mission

Some of our amazing and dedicated shelter staff.

In August of last year, The Willow adopted a new mission statement and added some guiding principles to our commitment. These words steer our every action.

Our mission: The Willow Domestic Violence Center builds safer communities through shelter, services, and support to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in Douglas, Franklin, and Jefferson county.

The definitions our guiding principles of equity, community, advocacy, empowerment, and support can be found at our new, beautiful, and easy-to-use website. Those principles helped us create a vision of a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategic plan which included the formation of a DEI Advisory Board. That board meets regularly to help The Willow be as inclusive and culturally competent in our service provision and organizational culture as we can be. We know that this is a forever goal and we will always be learning and growing.

Part of creating a strong organizational culture is providing space for staff to work together, spend time together, care for themselves and each other, and learn as a team. To that end, we have created regular team building time both as a large group and in smaller program circles. Staff have enjoyed a Lego Serious Play workshop, a Breakout Room experience, and many other formal and informal opportunities to get to know one another and ourselves better. In April, we will have a musical chairs painting event lead by the talented staff at Pinot's Palette. These are ways for staff to be not only in the service of survivors, but in the service of their own well-being and health as they do this difficult and important work.

Part of our plan includes communication to the public and survivors that reflects ALL survivors and the whole community. To that end we have created  comprehensive communications and fundraising plans that we hope to speak to everyone in our service area about how to access our services or be involved. We have created new fundraising opportunities and grown and refined the existing ones. We are working with special intention toward building spaces for survivors who are ready to tell their stories. We know that both narrative data and the numbers tell our story in different, and equally important ways, and we want to strengthen our accountability, transparency, and ability to share our impact through various means.

All of these things have happened, and more, and all because of the dedication of a staff that is unparalleled in their dedication to survivors, growth, and excellence. I am so grateful every day to walk through the doors and see the energetic work of so many amazing people, on behalf of so many amazing people. What a year it's been. I am still humbled to be in this service and I imagine that will never change. Thank you all for your support. We cannot do this without each of you.

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