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Gifting Warm Hearts

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

by Taylor Jones, Director of Community Services

A picture of our director of community services Taylor Jonees taken at the Laawrence Public Library
Director of Community Services Taylor Jones

Leaving an abusive relationship can take a toll on an individual financially. Abusers often offer survivors allowances, deny them access to bank accounts, keep all knowledge of bill amounts and bill payments- these are just some of the dehumanizing tactics found with financial abuse.

These tactics often make a survivor of domestic violence feel and believe they cannot support themselves or their family. The known struggles and consequences that come with a lack of support can be reason enough to stay in that relationship.

Warm Hearts has been serving the community for more than 35 years, helping those in need of assistance paying winter heating bills to get them paid. Many of our survivors have been able to make it through the winter thanks to these Warm Hearts donations, and we are extraordinarily lucky to be able to have such support in our community. And the best part is, that you can help!

Warm Hearts’ partnership with Black Hills Energy allows account holders to round up their heating bill and Black Hills will match the roundup and donate proceeds to Warm Hearts. You can help us support survivors this winter by selecting the option to round up your heating bills or go to the Warm Hearts website directly. Thank you! For more information on the Warm Hearts Program, click HERE. For more information on how to round up on your Black Hills bill, click HERE

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