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Updated: May 3, 2019

Community Advocate Supervisor Rachel and Finn

We've asked Willow staff to talk to us about their roles and get out and take a picture at their favorite places in our commuinity.

What do you do at The Willow?

"I am the Community Advocacy Program Supervisor at the Willow. I've been working within this shelter based program for a little over a year. Mostly we help folks find safe housing, employment. We also do general safety planning, peer counseling, dv health-related advocacy, and resource referrals."

What's the best part about working at The Willow?

"The people are my favorite part of the Willow! I appreciate my co-workers, as well as the survivors. The survivors I work with are a source of inspiration. It takes a lot of bravery to break out of domestic violence or human trafficking, and even more to re-establish independence. Working with a supportive team really helps insulate around the grisliest parts of this work.

I would say that the biggest challenge is scarcity. It feels like there aren't enough resources to go around, especially with regards to transportation and rental assistance. I want to be able to help everyone, but it isn't possible."

Why the dog park?

"I chose the dog park for my location for a few reasons;

*Mutt run used to be a landfill, and has transformed into something truly beautiful.

*Free public spaces are so important!!

*It's a way to access nature.

*I will take any excuse to show off my dog. Finn is 2 years old. I think he's a border collie rottweiler mix, but he's definitely a big baby."

Learn more about our staff and our programs, and also how you can get involved!

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