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Our Arts Program Coordinator Hannah at the Van Go offices, in front of her favorite local mural

We chatted with Art Program Coordinator, Hannah Sroor.

First and foremost, I feel my role is to be a support for survivors. This looks different to everyone I interact with, and that is something I really love about my job!

Additionally, as the Art Program Coordinator my goal is to provide creative opportunities to my clients in a space where they feel safe expressing themselves. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to be innovative in my role as well as collaborate with community members to provide unique opportunities to the individuals we serve.

If there's one bright spot, it's definitely the people! Both my clients and coworkers. I have met so many colorful souls who have lived incredible lives. I admire their resiliency and perspective every single day!

One of the biggest challenges of my role is seeing the effects of domestic violence on children, that is very hard.

I chose Van Go, because volunteering and eventually working at VanGo was where I really saw the arts being used for social change, learning, and expression, and was what ignited my passion for nonprofit work. It is a very important resource in our community for youth, and the community projects created are truly one-of-a-kind! I also like that the projects created help the workers to see themselves as part of the community and that they are contributing not only to the beautification of Lawrence but also to its’ story. For more about our art program, check out What We Do on our website. To donate, click here.

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