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Humans of The Willow - Kelsey

Kelsey at Clinton Lake with Neji and Ozzy

"The location I picked is important to me because it is my favorite spot to walk my dogs where it is peaceful and the scenery is beautiful.

I work as the Assistant Director of Shelter Services which means I work directly with survivors on their goals, wants, and needs.

I also help with the day to day shelter functions to keep things running smoothly.

I think the best thing about working at The Willow is working one on one with survivors and being there as a support along their journey.

The biggest barrier is never having enough resources and when the need is so high this can be discouraging. "

Needs at the shelter include toiletries, personal hygeine items, laundry pods, cleaning supplies, baby and toddler care products, and hand and body lotion. For a full list of needs at the shleter, click here.

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