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Mic Drop 2019 - The Last Words!

A picture of a large check being presented to Mic Drop winner Jason Keezer at the end of the show on the Liberty Hall Stage.
Mic Drop 2019 Winners: Jason Keezer and His Amazing Friends!!

It's been a little over a month since Mic Drop, and we just wanted to say one more thank you here at The Willow to the amazing acts that participated, and the amazing donors who came out to support both the show and The Willow. Mic Drop started in 2017, and keeps getting better and better. This year, we made it rain, literally, indoors, but that didn't put a damper on the spirits of the group. First, a thanks to our sponsors, without whom we couldn't have done the show! They include: Edie Insurance, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, HyVee, Intrust Bank, JE Dunn Construction, OmTree Shala, Allen Real Estate, Sign Up, The Roost, Tito's Vodka, Flight Leadership, Wonder Fair, Integrity Insurance, and Killer Kite Productions.

Next, a huge thanks to our contestants - Ashley Philavong, The Spice Pals, Jason Keezer (and his amazing friends) Sam Gunnerson, Micha Anne Cox, Victoria Taurean Smith, Patrick & Amy Kelly, Jen Young, and Jamie St. Viva and Veta. And of course to our emcees, Amber Nickel & Andy Morton. Finally, a huge thanks to our judges: Lisa Larsen, Kawehi, and Bert Michaels, who even joined up on stage for a number of his own.! This wonderful event raised over $20,000 for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking, and was once again a fun and frenetic event which

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