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A picture of The Willow's Health and Wellness Coordinator Katherine at the counter at the front of Crunch Fitness Center in Lawrence, KS
Health and Wellness Coordinator Katherine at Crunch Fitness

"I am the Health & Wellness Coordinator at the Willow." I work in shelter serving as an advocate to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking providing them with what they need to accomplish daily goals and  providing community referrals surrounding health and wellness. I ensure each resident is presented with the opportunity to take part in a traumatic brain injury screening and connect them with an organization that directly deals in that. I also handle all food needs for the residents in shelter making sure they have what they need for any dietary requirements. Outside of the shelter I have the great opportunity to provide a weekly support group at First Step at Lakeview discussing healthy relationships. "The best part about working at The Willow is the interaction with survivors." The individuals that we serve have been through so much, they all have such beautiful hearts and when we have the opportunity to help them accomplish goals in such a difficult time it is rewarding. I am inspired each day by the advocates I work with and the survivors we serve. 

"I dedicate a lot of time and heart to survivors."

I would say the biggest challenge in my role at The Willow trying to separate myself from my role. I dedicate a lot of time and heart to survivors and I think I tend to fall short when it comes to self-care. 

"Crunch Fitness is my favorite place to go in Lawrence-"

--because it is something I do for me. I joined to start making myself and my own health a priority and use what this company has to offer as a form of self-care. After a stressful day I know I can go to Crunch and let go of that stress, take time for myself and leave feeling accomplished. 

For more information about our Health and Wellness Program, check out our What We Do Page For more information on how to get involved, check out Get Involved.

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