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Humans of The Willow - Renee

This is a picture of our Transitional Housing Case Manager Renee at Merchant's Pub which used to be Tellers.
Transitional Housing Case Manager Renee

Tell us about your work at The Willow...

What I enjoy about my current role is being able to be a key component, and trusted to be on the ground floor  in establishing a safe place that is empowering for survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking to transition into not only obtaining safe housing but also sustaining it for themselves and their families. 

The Willow services that established respect and importance in my eyes was the Willow's forthright stance on advocates having  training opportunities that are trauma informed and speaks to the individual empowering of the survivor.

Why did you choose Merchants?

My first job in Lawrence was at Merchant's, formally Teller's Restaurant. I wore many hats during my tenure of waiting tables, bar-tending, and managing. 

My challenge moving forward is staying confident in my new role. MY plan is to establish a positive, uplifting environment for the survivors that walk through the doors of Restoration House and the single family homes as they become available. 

For more informaiton about our community programs, click here.

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