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Keeping It Safe

The Willow Domestic Violence Center places the health and safety of survivors and the community at the forefront of everything we do. Like many other organizations in our area, we are currently evaluating our programs to maintain compliance with community health directions, as well as to protect clients and community members who seek our services. With that in mind, we have instituted the following program changes:

Our public library hours and support groups are suspended until we are advised it is safe to resume them. Our 24-hour hotline remains available, and we are evaluating options for virtual groups and outreach during this time.

The Willow office at Moodie Road will be open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day for donation drops, delivery pick-ups, and assisting clients. Our 24-hour hotline will still be available as usual, and individual appointments can still be made with advocates.

Court rules have restricted court attendance in Douglas county. Those rules are being reviewed and monitored regularly, so they may be subject to further changes. Clients awaiting court are encouraged to contact their court advocate for the latest information.

We are instituting a strict regimen of preventative actions both at our administrative offices and shelter, including having supplies ready and available for staff and clients, regularly communicating health and wellness resources for both staff and clients, and ensuring access to these resources.

We are continually monitoring the situation to ensure we are meeting the needs of both clients and staff and staying in compliance with recommended best practices. The situation is changing rapidly, and we are continually reevaluating as we receive updated information. We will notify the community of any further changes to our services via social media, email, and our website.

We are hoping to minimize the impact on survivors as much as possible during this time. We look to the community for support as we continue to build towards the future through our Growing Forward capital campaign. Thank you for supporting The Willow and its services. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here.

Thank you so much for your understanding, and please be safe, WIll Averill Director of Communications Willow Domestic Violence Center

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