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The Willow Annual Report

Survivor Artwork from Shelter Art Program

Daily, I am wowed by The Willow's advocates' work and the support we receive from our community. The holiday season underscores all of that, and I want to take every opportunity I can to say thank you to the myriad people who come through for survivors in so many ways every day. We have been so grateful for the community's support this year, and we continue to feel the love as we collect gift cards for survivors to use to shop for their children safely this year. If you'd like to support that effort, contact Megan Stuke, drop gift cards to places like Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl's, Dillon's. Casey's, or TJ Maxx at 1920 Moodie Road before December 15, or donate online.

We are so proud to show you The Willow's Annual Report from our fiscal year 2019/20. This document not only highlights the accomplishments of the organization and our incredible staff but shows the scale of the domestic violence work in our service area. Domestic violence is a pandemic of its own, and we are working to address it not only with individuals in need of support but with policies and systems that make safety a community priority and with innovative prevention efforts that help young people and adults alike understand reg flags and ways to seek support when they need it. Please take a moment to look over the annual report. We would love to visit with you about our work, our innovative projects, and how you can join us in the fight against domestic violence in your community. We are eternally grateful to work in spaces that support survivors and partner with many excellent agencies and individuals. Our village is strong, and together we can and do make an impact every day. Thank you all for your support, Megan Stuke

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