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Top 10 reasons to give to The Willow this #givingtuesday

You've got a lot of organizations vying for your attention and your donation today. They're all fantastic, and you've to make that tough, tough choice. So why should you give your gift to The Willow?

A Willow, painted by one of our survivors.

1. We serve ALL survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking in our community. That's right. We're not just a women's shelter - domestic violence affects the lives of 1 in 3 women, 1 in 4 men, and 30-50% of trans and non-binary folks. DV can happen to anyone, and we are here to help.

2. We're not just a shelter. We offer community advocacy, support for survivors in court, long-term housing for survivors with an advocate to help goal-set and plan, education, prevention, and professional training for the workplace and first responders. We seek to break the cycle of violence at all points.

3. We've been around since 1976. Next year, we'll celebrate our 45th anniversary and are proud to be a long-standing part of the Lawrence community.

4. Our staff is incredible and diverse! In addition to being amazing advocates, we have a team with folks involved in the local music scene, enough nerds to set up a D&D game, jewelry makers, food bloggers, video gamers, and pickle lovers. One of us has even presented at The White House (bonus points if you guess who it was).

5. Your donation changes lives. Recently, a survivor who had come to us with his daughter two years ago left our program to start fresh. They stayed in shelter, joined our transitional housing program, and he was able to attend chef's school, get employment, and get himself and his daughter an apartment of their own. It was amazing.

6. We teach people to be safe. Our education and outreach work with middle school and high school kids to openly and honestly discuss Healthy Relationships and Teen Dating Violence. We talk about the impact of technology on bullying and abuse and teach red flags of unhealthy relationships to youth.

7. We're always looking ahead. We believe that being a leader in our field is necessary. We have regular training on trauma-informed care, continually adopt new technology, and take time to analyze our work to ensure we're doing the best we can for our survivors.

8. We are a safe space. We have worked with SAPEC at K.U. and taken training on what it means to be a safe space for all survivors. We believe everyone has the right to live lives free from violence.

9. Your money goes directly to survivors. Funds raised by our #givingtuesday fundraising goes to direct service - providing things like utility and rent assistance, transportation, medications, and nutritious food for survivors and their children.

10. Donation match! Facebook has traditionally offered to match some funds raised on #givingtuesday. So you can make your money go even further this giving season.

We'd love for you to consider donating to provide life-saving shelter to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking and their families.


P.S. A $95 donation provides one night of safety for a survivor and family. Please donate today.

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