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Welcome to Christy, our New Director of Development!

A picture of Christy Imel, Director of Development for THhe Willow, wearing a black jacket and blue blouse against a gray background.
Christy Imel, WIllow Director of Development

The Willow's pleased to announce that Christy Imel has become our first-ever Director of Development. Christy is a local talent who has worked for CASA, KPR, and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Christy joined us just last week and is currently learning about what we do and how we do it. We caught up with Christy to ask her a couple of questions about her new role and what she loves about our community.

1) What brought you to The Willow? I have worked in development since earning my MBA in 2014. I have always been impressed with The Willow's work over the years. I have seen the organization grow over time, and even when working for a different nonprofit, you always love to see other groups grow and succeed. When I saw the Development Director position open, I knew this would be an excellent opportunity to grow personally and professionally.

2) What are you most looking forward to about this role? I am very much looking forward to helping The Willow grow even more as an organization over the next several years and to help support the wonderful advocates we have here. The need for survivor support is high, and I love that my work directly helps survivors rebuild their lives.

3) You're a townie! What is your favorite Lawrence place, and why? My favorite place in Lawrence is the KU campus. My undergraduate degree is in Ecology, so I love nature and the outdoors, and the KU campus is such a physically beautiful place. Growing up with KU in my backyard helped give me opportunities I would not have had growing up without a major university in town.

Christy will not only be overseeing The Willow's annual holiday fundraising and monthly giving programs, but this year will see a return to in-person events such as the 2022 Garden Party in May, as well as an event in October we're not allowed to talk about yet. Watch this space! To support The Willow with a monthly or one-off donation, please click the button below.

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